Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bike Update and Other Stuff


So today ends the first week I've had in San Francisco that has had me actually missing Idaho.  The outpouring of caring and help over the loss of my bike has come from people back home and/or from the past.  It makes me miss the people, AND the loss of security - Idaho just seems so much safer now.  And the $$$ help from my son, mom, and sister, but also from the most unlikely of persons... my ex-mother-in-law and my son's ex-mother-in-law... !!!  I thank you all sooo sooo much.

Do you know how hard it is to get a pic of Idaho Falls without the temple in it?

I've been trying hard not to need the trike... thinking that I wouldn't enjoy another one for fear of it getting stolen.  I've lead a charmed life up to now here in this city... even losing my wallet on more than one occasion, and having it returned each time.  I'm worried that bad things come in threes, so there's 2 more things that could happen.  Or else I could count Annie's seizures, and me frying her ear with tea tree oil...  that would be 3 things... hmmm.

I've decided, as much as I hate seeing/hearing people walking by talking to themselves, but actually using their Bluetooth thingy, that I am going to activate my Bluetooth too.  Smartphones are easy pickings for thugs on public transportation, and not a day goes by that we hear of another one getting stolen.  I figure it's better to keep it in my bag, and use the thing on my ear instead.  The thought of having both hands free is appealing, I must admit.  I always forget that I'm down one hand anyways, because of Annie, so it will probably make my life considerable easier.  It might remind me to keep the phone with me whenever I go out. 

That's my motto.  Easier.  Can one word be a motto?

Oh, to get back to the bike.  In the last week, I've realized:

1.  Walking makes me need to pee more.  Something about pounding gravity. 
2.  Walking makes me sleep more.
3.  Walking means I have to re-adjust all my scheduling of things.
4.  Walking makes me fall.  I have to watch the ground instead of discovering my city.

We won't discuss #1.

I'm physically tired after walking, so I lay down to "rest" for a bit.  But evidently I love to sleep.  Sleep is one thing I'm really good at.   Sleep seems to reset my pain level down to a 3 or 4, unless I'm in a Pain Flare-up, where the pain keeps me awake, or makes me wake every 3 to 4 hours.

By walking, I'm back to being able to do only one errand a day.  If I'm getting blood drawn at the hospital, and the bus goes by PetCo, I'm too tired to get off the bus, walk that block to the store, and buy the cat food, and wait again for another bus.  The hospital is the only errand for that day.  Cat food has to be another day.  So ridiculous.  

I've been trying to tell myself that I'm just out of shape and I really should walk in order to stay out of a wheelchair.  I used my walker yesterday, only to keep getting my skirt caught in the wheels.  I'm not good at thinking ahead on such mundane things... which skirt to wear based on that day's activities.  Irritates me to no end.  I'm not out of shape for the shape I'm in (fat), because I'm not out of breathe when I walk the park, etc.  My legs simply turn to noodles.  And the sun and temperature are more of an issue (huge) when walking - I just can't last more than one block.  On the bike... I could go for miles, and to hell with the sun.  Well, that's not quite true.  The sun affects me no matter what, but on the bike, it was so much easier.  It's a beautiful 64 degrees with bright sun today.  I'd be out on my bike today, if I had it. 

So yes.  I do depend on the bike.  The bike does make my life easier, and so much more open.  The only limitations on the bike are the hills, and even those I could do after I got the smaller sprocket installed.

I will be getting renter's insurance so the new bike will be covered.  I'm also getting the insurance on the new cell phone in case I drop it and it breaks.  "In case"... ha, make that when I drop it.  I want 3 different kinds of locks for the bike, so that if someone steals it, they'll have to have all the tools to do so, and it will be obvious that it's getting stolen.  I will register it at the police station.

With all the help from everyone, I will be able to get the renter's insurance started, the extra locks for the bike, the cell phone, the bike, the fat lady seat.  One of the locks is $95 bucks!  And maybe even a  little bit in savings for the first time since being on Disability.  It's a new feeling for me... vulnerable, cause of thiefs.. but also to have a safety net.  Things like insurance and a savings account.

I'm finally a grown-up.  

My friends here in San Francisco are so offended about my bike being stolen, several have said that they've gone down to the Mission just to keep an eye out for it.  They want to beat up somebody.

Me too.

Matt Kenseth won the race at the Vegas track.  Jeff Gordon was 13th.  He went from 25th to 13th in a couple of laps towards the end ... his car must have got good suddenly.  Too bad the race didn't last longer. 

Emotionally, I'm doing okay.  Vulnerable, yes.  Bitter yes.  Sad has moved on to angry.  I was leaning towards not getting another bike, when another friend, named Laurie, told me not to let the bad guys win.  She, more than most, because of her circumstances, understands the lack of independence and how frustrating it is, and how much it can affect your self-esteem... it was the most helpful advice, and the best way to think of it. 

(Laurie, is it okay if I write about all the things we have in common and how you're "related"?  Don't comment if not, say yes in the comments if yes.  And I'll probably be contacting you to help me remember them all, lolol. 


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