Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Right in front of my face


At some point or other, I bought these 2 sets of pots that I am planning on planting herbs someday.  I first found the black set, and of course when I saw the white set... had to have them, right?  Of course right.

I decided that I needed to raise the bunk bed a few inches, so that I can quit bumping my head on the upper bunk.  So I went to the hardware store to buy those things that raise beds...

 "You know - those things that you put under beds", I said the the salesperson.  He said he had Christmas wrapping under his bed, was that what I wanted?  Uh no.  "Those bed raiser things", I said.  Uhhhhokay.  He brought me those things and they've been sitting there for weeks, while I wait for a big, strong man to walk by my door so I can grab him to help me. 

I have since got a couch that was out on the sidewalk, that is too short, and was thinking I could use another set of those bed raiser thingys. 

One day, they fell over and I noticed the insides.   


Notice inside the white ones? 


Well then. 

What to do, what to do... which color should I use for under the couch?


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