Sunday, March 3, 2013



 Whenever I go somewhere, my first thought is "Can I do it on the bike?"

I have been volunteering for PAWS - Pets Are Wonderful Support, by walking an HIV positive, elderly man's dog on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  I use the trike because the dog pulls on the leash and is too strong for me to walk.  I get to "give back" and feel useful to an organization that helps me with keeping my dog and cats fed and healthy.  I wouldn't be able to do this without the bike. 

I brought home 6 bags of groceries on the trike the other day, $104.00 worth of food, bags stacked 3 high, and bungie corded to the basket.  It was a record.  People didn't think I could do it.  I wouldn't be able to do this without the bike.

I ride to the beach, and downtown, and to the Golden Gate Bridge.  To Fisherman's Wharf, and up the highest hill in the city.  To the post office, the pharmacy, the ATM machine, the doctor's office, the hospital.  On Wednesday's, I ride to the Farmer's Market with my friend Jill, from the dog park, even tho I rarely buy anything, because it's more expensive.  I do solely to have a bit of social life with a friend.  I couldn't do it if I had to walk.  She won't do the bus.  Well, she would if I had to, but the point is... I don't have to walk, or take the bus cause of the bike.

Granny Cart
I ride to the PAWS office to pick up my pet food and cat litter, because bags of food and cat litter is too heavy to manage on the bus.  I could use the granny cart, but it's, again, too hard to manage on the bus, and too far to walk.  

I have been using it almost every day for the last couple of months.  Well, cept for when I was in Daytona.  

I cuss and curse how much space the bike takes in the apartment, but at the resident's meeting, I brought up the fact that city owned buildings (such as my apartment building) are required by law to provide bike racks, and a motion was made for me to research that law, and to scout out potential SECURE spots on the property for a bike rack.  I need the space because I found a couch (on the street and perfect!).  I need a couch if I'm to have a "dating" life.  I really don't think it's proper to entertain on my bed - I'm just not that kind of girl anymore! 

When I'm having pain days, the space issue starts to get to me so that I don't have to deal with the pain so I think about selling the bike. 

But the fact is this.  It always boils down to staying out of the wheelchair.  It's the only thing that keeps me physically moving.  I can ride the 10 mile round trip to the beach, but I can't walk more than 3 blocks.  I might get off the bike after 10 miles and not having any legs, but at least I've moved, gotten somewhere, done something, exercised. 

Plus I just plain love it. 

But maybe more importantly... I don't feel disabled because of the trike.  


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