Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweating over clicking the mouse to pay dem bills


February Heart a Day 4

Today was pay the bills day.  It was hard.  I had to tell the online thingy to pay the bills on the fourth since pay day fell on the 3rd - a Sunday.  Yup.  Sweaty work, that online banking. 

Also got the new Visa card in the mail.  Which means I have and high road/low road decision to make.  Michael lent me $50 for the Daytona trip.  After calling me a liar, thief, fat, ugly, lazy, stupid, idiot, bitch AND his personal favorite that I've heard him say to sooo many women and friends... I am f*cked up and need some serious counseling.  Oh and he said he hates me... I'm thinking about calling it rent.  This was my FRIEND.  Or so I thought.  And that was only the stuff I'm willing to say out loud.  He hit below the belt by taking just about everything I've said to him as my friend over the last few months and twisting it around to make something ugly and untrue with it.  

What you think?  About the $50?

I've blocked him from my phone, Facebook, and email, cause he texted me a couple of hours later, like nothing was wrong!  I just need to not get sucked in again, no matter about the shared MS, shared disability path, etc.  Just won't do it anymore. 

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